Clean Bottle Exchange Program

**If you or anyone you've been in direct contact with, has Covid-19 symptoms, we ask that you keep your bottles until you're in the clear.**

We will take your clean bottles when we deliver a new case! In exchange, we will load 500 Kare Points ($5.00) into your account. 

We require the following:

-Bottles must be rinsed and free residue
-In good condition (no chips)
-Date/batch stamps must be removed
-We are only taking back our tall beer-like bottles as we no longer use the previous ones. 
-Customers must have an account with us so we call load your points! :) 

At this point, we can only take them in increments of 24 with the case we delivered them in. All bottles we take back will be properly washed and sanitized before being re-used. 

 Thank you for choosing Kare!